Brand campaign

Iconix wanted a campaign to clearly communicate its brand story. The ‘focused energy’ brand promise highlights how you can help people reach their goals faster when they channel their energy in an optimal way.

The campaign aims to inspire Iconix’s audience through the idea that the smartest and most effective way to use energy is to focus it.

Strategy x Creation x Production


Moments are all we have. Big or small, every moment contributes to our success. Everything we do in preparation is just as important as what happens during the defining moments in our lives.

Our generation – millennials – is driven to make an impact by harnessing our abilities to create a better world for ourselves and those around us. We combine hard work, ambition and talent to help us succeed in this. Yet it’s the focus at every step of the journey that determines the level of success. We need to define those moments when creating our legacy.

For this campaign, we worked together closely with influencers from fashion, music, dance, sports and other areas. We developed individual stories to show how these people’s backgrounds and motivations supported the overall theme.