Supporting each other. For our football

COVID-19 brought football competitions worldwide to a standstill. A difficult time for clubs and supporters followed. No matches, no entertainment, no income. Supporters of clubs from the Dutch Eredivisie and first division (Keuken Kampioen Divisie) missed somewhere between three to five home games.

These fans have stood behind their clubs in what are exceedingly difficult times. The clubs therefore decided to give something back to them. A collective ‘thank you’ campaign was organised on behalf of the 34 top- and second-tier clubs on the weekend which should have marked the last round of both competitions.


Fans were there for their clubs. Now the clubs are there for their fans. Supporting each other. For our football.

The 34 clubs from the top two divisions in Dutch football collectively took the initiative to address football fans. By acknowledging the pain both the clubs and supporters had felt because of the Coronavirus, and by recognising the patience and support of their followers, the clubs struck the right chord. In addition to expressing their appreciation, they also offered these fans the option of compensation for pre-purchased tickets to matches that hadn’t taken place.

The message was distributed through radio, television, social media and online. A short film and an open letter explained the offer by the clubs.


The campaign had over 12 million unique hits. These were primarily football fans, but also included members of the general public who had heard about it through the national media.

Supporters set up initiatives to embrace the campaign from the bottom up. They expressed their approval by showing solidarity with their clubs, and in particular by waiving their right to compensation.